Lemons into Lemonade


When your Instagram gets deleted by the Apple update and things keep going down hill.

Listen, mercury is not in retrograde and it isn’t even Friday the 13th! I have been having the body symptoms of a fever for three days now, and have been doing EVERYTHING possible to stave off this cold: Epsom salt baths, Emergen-C, 45 cups of tea a day, lots of fluids, socks to bed, shot of ACV in the morning, etc. All of the requisite old wives tale items. I am so ready for this week to be over.

Due to said Instagram being deleted and along with it *all of my previous Instagram posts*my anxiety is through the freaking roof. I made a green smoothie this morning and put a little Ashwagandha powder in it for some stress relief.

I am going to try and take today slow and come up with some more blog posts (all while doing my actual job) and trying to rebuild the Insta. I literally may go to the bathroom and download the Headspace App so that I can do a quick 5 minute meditation. Carly has raved about it and usually I tell myself I don’t have time to meditate, but right now it sounds pretty darn great.

I am going to look for a new thriller on Audible and listen to some of my podcasts, which usually put me in a better mood. Any book suggestions are welcome, by the way! I just finished Liar by K. L. Slater and it was SO good! A twist that I did not see coming at all!

What are some tricks you guys use to turn a bad day around/get yourself to relax?

I have actually seen so many good links around the web lately that I am sharing below:

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Do we not all want to look as much like Gisele as we can? 


Taylor Delehanty