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How do you stay consistent with your workouts and eating healthily?


To give a bit of a background, I would consider myself a relatively healthy person in general. I have always loved trying foods and love fruit and vegetables. Although I do like certain desserts once in awhile, I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth. I don’t take my coffee with sugar, only almond milk, (I have been trying to go dairy free as much as humanly possible to try and help my skin) and I really try and spend my day fueling my body with foods that are “not only good but good for me”! As the cliched saying goes.

I was always active in high school playing tennis and lacrosse, and never really had to worry about my weight, which was extremely lucky. In college, the first two years, I actually lost weight, which is odd but probably due to my nervousness being away from home/anxiety/and finding it hard to drink in excess when my fake IDs kept getting taken away by my local liquor stores/bars. Therefore the “freshman 15” only hit in my junior and senior years. I was living in my apartment and seemingly lost my ability to determine the correct way to feed myself or something? I was drinking WAY too much than was healthy and eating essentially whatever I wanted. Senior year I started really utilizing our university gym for the first time consistently. I believe this is the only reason that I didn’t completely turn into a hippopotamus, but even then it was close.

What I did not realize at that time, was that I couldn’t just eat whatever I wanted, drink beer and wine to my heart’s content, and just exercise it away on the elliptical for an hour a day. Thinking back on it, it sounds really ridiculous that I thought it could have worked. During that time I was also skiing, hiking and walking and riding my bike, but still it was not a healthy lifestyle in the sense that I was literally eating and drinking with no abandon.

Once I graduated, I continued this although once I got home it was easier to eat healthy for some reason and I exercised, yet still inconsistently. This was until almost exactly a year ago when I decided that I was sick of not being able to fit into my clothes, and joined Tone it Up. I started when they were doing the October challenge, of which I am about to start my second fall challenge! I knew I had to go all in in order to really make myself commit to eating healthily and working out consistently. I needed to change my lifestyle. I got the TIU nutrition plan and signed up for their website.

Their program is as follows: they give a daily workout plan which varies: cardio, HIIT, yoga, walking, total body aerobic, you name it. This is often paired with the Daily Toning Moves which are usually 5 moves with varying reps. The best part though, is that once you sign up for the nutrition plan, they really teach you how to fuel your body in order to make sure you are building it up to be the best it can be. They give daily meal plans, hundreds of recipes, meal prep tips, meal suggestions, sample K&K (their names are Karena and Katrina) meal diaries, and much more. This was what really taught me what I had been doing wrong. In order to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight, there has to be a balance in exercise and healthy eating. Their recipes are so good and easy. They have various meal plans for Gluten free, vegan, etc. and so many recipes for different tastes.

Another reason this plan is so awesome is that there are almost 1 million (!!!) women all over the world who are “TIU girls” and they are so supportive of each other. They are all over instagram posting inspiring photos and messages -- workouts, TIU checkins, recipes, meal prep photos and so much more. That might be my favorite part of TIU. When I’m feeling like wow I am so tired and feeling lazy I do not want to get out of bed and do my workout, I’ll scroll through Instagram and take a look at the various TIU girls I follow and immediately that is motivating!

As of late (maybe the past month or so?) I have been a bit too lax when it comes to my diet and exercise routine. I haven’t been making the best choices and have been putting my exercise needs on the back burner. Often I am too tired from Friday and Saturday night to make time to exercise and meal prep on Sundays, which does not set me up well for the week ahead!

I am just starting the TIU #21 day challenge today and (although I am a day late on meal prep for the aforementioned reasons) I am going to head to the store and prep some things for the week ahead and really make it my goal to do this every Sunday. I am also going to make it a priority to wake up in the morning before work and work out, so that I have a lot more time after work for the hundreds of other things I need to do! I am excited for a restart with this challenge and hoping to get fully back into my good habits that I started/formed a year ago.

How do you guys stay motivated with your healthy eating/fitness routines?

I will definitely be checking this out!

Obviously you've heard this 1 million times but I love reading the reasons again and again.  

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