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Ok so I haven't posted in literally OVER A MONTH. Not my best work. 

LIfe has been so busy lately but I have a few life updates, albeit small. 

We have been looking for apartments to buy in the area so that is something exciting, although we haven't found anything just right yet. It is an exciting but frustrating process when you aren't the most patient person in the world :/ 

On a wildly separate note -- after a particularly bad couple of weeks with my skin -- chalked up to hormones/stress/poor eating and drinking choices, the usual -- my boyfriend suggested to me that I "go back to basics" and try everyone's favorite old school orange Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Face Wash  and let me just say that I did NOT have high expectations for this at all. I thought that it would just dry out the surface of my cystic acne prone skin. 

Update: it has definitely worked so thank you x100 to Owen, who always has to bare the brunt of my skin complaints and anxiety. My skin is of course not perfect and I have just switched my birth control to hopefully aid in the hormonal aspect of clearing my skin, so we'll see if that makes it even better. I definitely do notice if I've spent a weekend eating burgers and fried food and drinking one too many Miller Lites, but hey I like to have fun! 

Another thing I have been loving and following (probably because I want to work for their team so badly!) is The Wing! Have you guys ever heard of it. It is basically a women's only working/social/living club and they provide a workspace for women -- they also have a library of women only authors and they have a bar in there too!!!! It was founded by two really awesome women -- Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan-- who wanted to provide a space where women could work and play with only other women. Their original location is in the Flatiron district of Manhattan and they have expanded to Brooklyn, Soho, and now DC! 

I think that this is especially important due to the current climate for females in the workforce and all of the sexual harassment allegations that are coming to light. Harvey Weinsteen, Louis C.K., Roy Moore, to name a few... I mean JESUS it is getting so old. The fact that these two women made a space for ONLY women to come and work in a fun and open environment is something that is lifechanging for so many women. Even some women who work from home but think to themselves, "hey, I'd like to have an actual workspace outside the home and maybe collaborate with some other awesome women." The Wing is that place. 

Has anyone started holiday shopping yet? It seems like these gift guides keep coming out sooner and sooner after Halloween each year, but I can't say I mind because I kind of like getting Holiday shopping started right out of the gate. A couple of good gift guides from some of my favorite sites/bloggers:

Jacey always puts together SUCH awesome gift guides. Her assistant Hayleigh did one this year and I loooove some of her choices! 

I love Liz from Pure Joy Home so much. I personally think that moms and mothers in law can be the toughest to shop for. Liz's gift guide for them is so great

Not a gift guide, but Into the Gloss's "Things We Finish" column is always a great read.

xx Taylor 

Taylor Delehanty