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Ok so I really cannot believe that it's been a full MONTH since I've posted on here. I always mean to, and then of course life gets in the way. Looking for apartments, looking for jobs, watching the Real Housewives, etc. 

Thanksgiving came and went and it was so much fun having all of my siblings back from college. We had a fun, relaxing and little crazy of a Thanksgiving weekend, and I didn't do the greaaatest job sticking to my own rules of "how to stay healhty and fit" over the holidays. BUT I am trying to do a bit better around Christmas. I have been doing the TIU Holiday Hustle Challenge, which has been good so far.

I'm not sure why but my motivation to workout has been so low as of late! It's so annoying because I know that when I do workout, I am so much happier mentally and physically. I have been trying to eat as well as possible and sticking to my usual guidelines of not drinking during the week, but I know that will be tougher once we are on break. I think it will also be easier to meal prep and make healthier choices when we are moved out around January 5 (!!!!) and I can fully cook for myself. 

I can't believe that Christmas is in literally 10 days. It will be so nice to have several days break from work to spend time with my family and friends. We will be going up to Stratton for NYE weekend with our friends and I am so looking forward to that! When we get back it really will be a whirlwind of moving chaos as well, so I'm looking forward to that bit of respite. My sister just got home from school a couple of days ago and I am always so happy to have her home. 

On the moving/packing/organizing front, I just recently went through my closets and started to purge my clothes Marie Kondo style. I am obsesssssed with Marie Kondo and the Spark Joy method. I have a lot of work to do because I will definitely have so much less space in the new condo and I'll really have to pare down. It is nice though so that I can really weed out what I do and do not need- and this has been a long time coming. 

While I am packing and planning (two of my literal favorite hobbies) I have also been scouring the web/pinterest/instagram for design finds, furniture, accessories, etc. for the new place, which has been SO much fun. Like the image above, I want to keep our new space as neutral and calm with light colors and as much white as possible. I want to keep it minimalist but also warm and welcoming, so I'm hoping I can acheive that and put the look together. 

A few of the [million] things I've loved lately from around the web:

If you love beauty, you've heard of Patrick Ta. His beauty tutorial for this look is something I'm bookmarking for the holidays. 

I am obsessed with being well rested and getting a good night sleep. This sounds very interesting. 

Could NOT be more happy about this

I for one, love gift guides. I am always looking through bloggers gift guides and Meg's Health and Wellness gift guide was soooo good. 

Liz, from PureJoy Home is a new-to-me blogger and idk HOW this is possible bc I am literally obsessed with her. Her Monogrammed Gift guide is so cute!

I will definitely be back sooner than I was this time. 

xx Taylor


Taylor Delehanty