Weekend Recap

This weekend was so nice and relaxing and we finally got some summer weather! It was so nice on Friday night and I snuck out of work a bit early, and O and I got to play a little tennis and drink a couple of Miller Lites by the courts J one of my guilty pleasures. Later we went out to dinner and then came back and had rosé with my sister and her friend on the patio. I loved that we didn’t go to bed too late but I think I still may have had one too many glasses and I was a bit foggy Saturday morning. So annoying.

Saturday was so nice and we ran some errands in the morning, played some more tennis in the early afternoon and got provisions for a barbeque my parents were having later that night. I think Barbeques are one of my favorite things…side note, I think most of my summer wardrobe was built upon barbeque attire? I got to get dressed in my favorite pair of J Brand Jeans  [insert link] and a white eyelet top that I love from LOFT last season [try and insert link but otherwise get similar].

I did a nice summer makeup look starting with my new Natasha Denona anti shine primer, and then went in with my Bare Minerals Foundation, applied with my beauty blender and topped that with my Glossier stretch concealer to cover some of my annoying hormonal acne on my chin. Over that I topped it with some Glossier Cloud Paint in dusk, some Benefit Hoola Bronzer, and a bit of Glossier Haloscope in Quartz. For the eyes I just did my brows with Glossier boy brow in blonde, and some Eyeko Mascara. I set it all with my Urban Decay all nighter setting spray, so that I wouldn’t get oily throughout the hooooottt summer night.

I ended up going to sleep pretty early Saturday night too, and was able to wake up feeling much more refreshed (yes!). Started the day with a couple of breakfast tacos and a coffee with almond milk from our new local coffee place, Jola Coffee (trying to stay off of dairy to help with the aforementioned cystic acne).

Later on Sunday I did a 5k power walk in the park to get my daily exercise in—per my TIU (Tone it Up) plan, which was so nice. I listened to one of my favorite 48 hours podcasts, and got a good sweat in. Later I was able to wash my sheets and towels (my favorite way to end my weekend and prep for the week ahead). We finished off the night grilling (I did salmon and O did sausage) with a bit of Rosé outside on the patio. I got in bed at a reasonable hour in my freshly cleaned sheets and set my Muji diffuser with a little Lavender oil. I am alllll about that #selfcaresunday (or really everyday).

Verona Park -- my favorite place to walk on Sundays, or really any day.

Verona Park -- my favorite place to walk on Sundays, or really any day.

Read below some of the best things I have read this week --

1. I have actually been doing this for a little while now, thanks to Tone It Up, diluted with a bit of apple juice and some water with a little cayenne pepper and I lovvve it. (It doesn't taste great but it feels good).

2. I love reading stuff like this, and I absolutely LOVE Byrdie's new site for wellness! 

3. When I was starting this, I had to really think about what the heck I was going to do with it, becuase I knew I wanted a place to share things I love and am interested, but I thought this was super insightful

4. This was another one that I loved reading, because I am not loving my actual job at all. I do not want to be in the field I am in any longer and am really hoping to get into the wellness/beauty/health/fitness field of media. Crossing my fingers tightly!

Taylor Delehanty