Mask Off

Favorite Sheets Masks:

Alrighty so it is no secret (to my sister who shares a bathroom with me) that I love, love, LOVE, sheet masks. They are so easy to use, easy to pack and travel with, and such a nice treat to do at the end of the day while you read a book in bed, sip a glass of wine in the bath, and so much more.

I love how there are specific types for different areas of concern, and they are so affordable too! I think that is why my collection has grown to hoarder capacity. Usually when I go into Sephora or Ulta, or even a Whole Foods (!) I am scooping up one or more masks to add to my cart. I am not sure that I have a favorite brand, but I do have some that I have been loving especially lately. Read on to find out!

The first one is by Florapy and it is their Detox Facial Sheet Mask with Jasmine and Peppermint

            Florapy says: “The jasmine flower helps stimulate the skin, promote elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Cooling peppermint refreshes dull, tired skin and helps promote circulation for clean, supple and youthful feeling skin. Enhanced with Recovery Essence 8 - a proprietary blend of vervain flower, grapeseed oil, olive oil, clary sage oil, carrot oil, almond oil, rosehip and vitamin E.”

                  So I am pretty much a sucker for anything that says “detox”: be it a soup, a green juice, or a charcoal mask (or a sheet mask). I love the way they make my skin feel, and it just feels like I am doing something good for my skin, especially after an extra fun filled weekend, where I may have ingested one too many toxins….

The second one that I have been loving is by Dr. Jart+, their Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal sheet mask. 

                  Sephora says: “ A black sheet mask infused with Korean Charcoal to detoxify and reduce the appearance of pores. It also contains spearmint extract, and arginine to detoxify, improve elasticity, and clarify pores. Ideal for blemishes, large pores, and excess sebum, this powerful mask also delivers an immediate cooling sensation, leaving skin feeling clean, hydrated, and completely refreshed.”

                  Like I said, I love anything detoxifying. I love how this one is black and feels extra nice and charcoal-y. Now, I have read many times that it is impossible to shrink pore size, etc. but this mask promises to decrease the LOOK of large pores. However it might be doing that, I will take it. It is especially nice for the area on my cheeks and nose around my t-zone.

Mask number three (although this is sort of cheating because there are really 7 masks in this pack, hence the name,  is the 7 days mask by Ariul beauty. This comes with 7 sheet masks for each day of the week, each combatting a different concern.  I love all of them in the pack, but the one I used most recently was the Green tea for sebum control and peeling.

                  Ariul/Amazon says: The Ariul Seven Days Mask is a quick, effective treatment for all different types of skin troubles from acne breakouts to redness to rough or dry skin by lack of sleep, overwork, UV or other known skin dangers. The mask is packed with nourishing natural essences so that you will see results after just one use. Its hypoallergenic ingredients along with oil-free minerals and non-artificial coloring elements make it safe for even the most sensitive skin. So, when it's time for you to relax at the end of a long day, simply apply the mask for 20 minutes. As you wind down from your demanding lifestyle, your skin will quickly open up to all the nutrients the mask has to offer leaving you with rejuvenated and vibrant skin.

This description alone would have sold me, because who doesn’t want to relax at the end of a long day and open their skin up to nutrients? I actually saw this on Lo Bosworth’s blog TheLoDown, and was immediately intrigued by the whole “7 days, one for each day” thing. I loved the Green Tea mask I tried last night, my skin felt clear but not tight at all and not dried out. Will definitely repurchase. Also—pro tip, these are available at amazon and target!

Mask No. 4 is Farmacy’s Brightening Mask. I love this one, and I actually love all of their sheet masks. They smell divine, and this one offers coconut gel and natural lightening extracts to help combat dark spots! As someone who suffers from (sometimes severe) hormonal acne, this one is so great for helping with those very hard to remove cystic scars that last for seemingly ever (?).

                  Farmacy says: “Helps even skin tone and improve overall clarity by normalizing melanin production.The most finely spun sheet mask available, this coconut gel mask retains active ingredients at maximum levels more effectively, delivering a targeted and first-of-its-kind skincare experience.First, the coconut gel provides intensive hydration and restores the skin’s balance. Next the bio-cellulose sheet releases its complex of components to provide the skin’s surface layers with a penetrating surge of active ingredients.After 20-25 minutes of treatment, the skin appears brighter, and its moisture level is dramatically improved.

I think the first time I used this was within the Farmacy Brightening pack, which I love as well. All of their masks really are awesome, and have farm grown ingredients. They say they are a mix of “nature, and science”.. which I think is exactly the way I like my skin care.

Last but not least, I have been loving Leader’s AC Clear Treatment mask. It claims to reduce redness and balance oil, which is *literally* exactly what I need, (along with some sort of magic solution to remove cystic acne --- and yes taking suggestions J)

                  Leaders says: “A hypo-allergenic daily cotton sheet mask that provides relief for irritated, stressed, and sensitive skin due to breakouts and various harmful external factors.( Ed note: (Hi this was made for me). Ensures a clear and healthy complexion by calming sensitive skin and relieving redness. Helps improve skin tone by controlling oil, smoothing skin’s surface, and moisturizing rough skin.”

                  This was definitely one of the most effective sheet masks I have used, and I think I randomly grabbed it in line at Ulta one day… I like that there is quite a bit of serum in the mask, which I rub all over my face, and it is directly combatting my personal skin woes. I will for sureeee purchase the 10 pack of these next time!

Now can you guys do me a huge favor and shout out your favorites?! Tysm.

Taylor Delehanty