Current Skin Care Faves

My love for skincare started so long ago that I don't even really remember a time where I wasn't interested in it. I really love all things beauty related -- hair, makeup, nails, etc. but skincare was my first love.

I have oily/combo skin with the STRONG tendency to have cystic/hormonal (although I struggle with calling them hormones because they happen all the time) breakouts all along my jawline and chin. They also can move up my cheeks UGH so frustrating! But I digress.

So because of that, I have always been interested in finding solutions, shall I say, for my not always so great skin. I started going to a dermatologist in high school, which is also when I started birth control to try and combat my angry skin. I have been on prescription retinoids since that time (on and off) and have also tried some oral antibiotics. I am currently also pairing that with clindamycin benzoyl peroxide prescription, which I have in little wipe form, and I try and do that every morning and night after I wash my face and tone.

My current face wash, as I mentioned in a previous post, is my DCL skincare C scape enzymatic face wash. I got it from my derm, it smells nice, but I do not *actually* know if it helps or not. Prior to this, I was using Renee rouleau’s AHA/BHA blemish control cleanser which I LOVED. I was always told that facewash is not on your face for long enough to make a real difference--- but I don't find this to be hurting. After that I like to use the Renee rouleau balancing skin tonic .

On top of that I will use my clyndamicin pad, and depending on the day, I will usually add some Renee rouleau daily mattifying solution  …. who can tell I'm a Renee superfan?! Actually while we are on this, probably one of my top (3?) skincare products is her Anti cyst treatment. It.Is.So.Good. And don't even just take my word for it, read some other review here and here

Next step: I'll put my new DCL super sheer sun screen  which I love. Goes on white but like the name suggests, blends out so easily and you cannot see it at all. Plus the SPF 50 is great. Also though, I really want to try Glossier’s new sun screen --- as I love all of their other products.

Also, pictured above is my current favorite eyecream by Elta MD, called the Renew Eye Gel. Now i will admit that I have not tried too many different eye creams, I (luckily) do not suffer from dark circles or bags, but I use it preventitavely so as to prevent the fine lines. I am definitely open to suggestions on eye creams if anyone has them -- and also any other beauty related item!! 

Another star product that I wanted to shout out that is also pictured above, is Natasha Denona's Magic Primer Anti Shine Flawless Face Base. I use this even if I am not wearing makeup, because it seems to add another level of anti shine (per the name) to my *very* oily skin. This has a great consistency it is like a soft lotiony gel. Terrible description but great on your face ;). It is a bit pricey for primer at $55, but the container is pretty large in my opinion, and it has given me great results!

I don't think I can really do a current skincare favorites post without a favorite mask thrown in there, but I do not honestly think I can choose, I have tried so many great ones. I will shout out to one that I realllllly would love to try. It is Tata Harper's new Clarifying Mask!!!! I have tried her Resurfacing Mask as well as the Purifying Mask and I really love both. I feel like this one was made for my skin concerns though and I need to try! 

Now pleaaasssseee tell me what are your current skincare favorites? I am always on the hunt!

Taylor Delehanty