Self Care

Self Care. It means so many different things to so many people. I for one have gone all in on this trend, and I realize I have been incorporating this into my life (or trying to) long before the wellness industry and "self care" or #selfcaresundays became the hot trend. I think it is so awesome that people are starting to take their physical and mental/emotional wellbeing and make it a priority. 

It is soooo important to do this and take time for yourself to rest and recharge, whatever that may be. This is nothing new and original, but something that deserves to be reiterated. I have various ways of incorporating selfcare into my routine depending on my mood and the amount of time I have.

One of my favorite ways to decompress and take time for myself is to take a long walk in the park. This is especially nice in the spring summer and fall months, but if you bundle up and put on a nice parka and hat, I have done this many a winter Sunday. I love downloading a book on tape or even better, one of my favorite podcasts (this, this, and this and this are my current favorites, wait also and this how did I forget that one?!) and just walk around. 

Another wait is (an oldie but a goodie!) The Bath. Baths are amazing. They are great for mental AND physical wellbeing. You run the bath, dim the lights, light your favorite candle, grab a glass of rosé or your book, throw in a bath bomb or some calming sleep inducing bath salts (--> these are on sale!) and hop right in there --- instant bliss. And definitely do NOT forget a facemask. This is so nice to do before bed, but literally any time of day if I know I need some relaxation and total me time, my first thought is always to run a bath. 

Something I haven't tried during my self care "journey" is meditation. I have heard awesome things about the HeadSpace App, and definitely want to try this. Has anyone tried this app (or any others) and liked it? I read a great review of Carly's meditation practice in her 1/2 year review and she raved about it, which only made me want to try it even more. 

Lastly, I really believe that self care can be anything you want, that makes you happy and gives you some time to relax and recharge. I am personally an introvert, so I tend to like to do this alone, but another thing I love is simply sitting on my bed with my sisters and chatting about nothing, which always makes me feel great. Whether it be sitting at your vanity watching youtube makeup tutorials (my favorite channel) or sitting on an Adirondack chair drinking some tea (or wine) I think it is soooo important to incorporate this stuff into your life, and I am going to try and focus on it even more!

Let me know if you have any self care practices that you love! xx

Taylor Delehanty