Things I am Loving

Image  via : Into the Gloss 

Image via: Into the Gloss 

There are so many things I am loving/wanting these days, whether it be going somewhere, new beauty products, reading something, watching, whatever. I am especially looking to make some changes in my scincare routine, becuase something is not working, and I am not sure what the culprit is! 

Like I said in my last post, I am really looking to combat the cystic acne I always have on my chin and cheeks, as well as the scarring that results from that. I have been strongly considering getting the Eminence Organics Eight Greens Phyto Hot Mask. I was told that this is a great treatment for hormonal cystic acne which is my problem. I have also heard that Skin Ceuticals Clarifying Cleanser is a great option for a face wash. I currently am using the DCL C Scape Enzymatic Gel Cleanser, which is fine, but I don't think it is anything special for my skin. I actually had it recommended by my current derm, who has been good, but I am really strongly considering opening up my options! 

I recently read an amazing Into the Gloss Top Shelf with Facialist Jordana Mattioli, and I am now obsessed and want to make an appointment asap. I would love to make an appointment with one of the derms at her office, and then see her for a facial! The above photo is one of the many gorgeous ones from her interview. I cannot get enough of the Top Shelf interviews and the ITG Top Shelfies. Obsessed. 

A few more products that were recommended to me at my request by Lacy Kelly, whose Instagram I love -- follow her @lacebetch -- for acne prone skin. She recommended (along with the Eminence Organics Mask and Skin Ceuticals Cleanser) the Origins Checks and Balances cleaners, which I have actually heard multiple times is a great cleanser. She also recommended the Origins Out Of Trouble Mask, which I haven't heard much about, but absolutely want to try, as well as the Clear Improvement Mask, which I have and do love. 

Switching gears from all of the skin and beauty stuff, which is always on my mind, I wanted to talk about a couple of other things that I have been loving/wanting lately. First things first: RHOC is back! I have been watching my favorite-- RHONY-- and loving it, but I am always excited for a new season of the housewives. I have a feeling this season is going to be so good. I also just finished House of Cards, which was amazing as usual. 

Above are a few books I am looking to read on my upcoming family vacation to Grand Isle Vermont. I love hearing book recommendations and have an ongoing list on phone for books I need/want to read. On the top of my summer reading list are Rich and Pretty, Before the Fall, Into the Water (arguably summer's most popular read), Rules of Civility, and The Perfume Collector

I am sure there are a million more things on the list of things I am loving now, but that is enough words for tonight. And, as always, please send your beauty (and non beauty) recs my way! xx

Taylor Delehanty