Hero Products: The Edit


An Edit of my current Hero Products: things that are working GREAT for my right now. 

St Tropez Gradual Tan Classic

St Tropez Gradual Tan Classic

I have been using the St. Tropez Gradual Tan Classic  since last summer, and I have to say I love it so much. It is a super natural tan, not orange on my skin tone and I am pretty fair during the winter. It is a white lotion and it doesn't show up immeidately. It shows up probably about a day after fully, and then you can apply it every day for a built up tan. It has an unobtrusive scent. I would say the only con is that it takes a bit of time to really set in, but it has never gotten on my clothes. Love it. I use it every day or every other day once it starts to build up. 

Glossier Boy Brow in  Blonde  and Kevin Aucoin Eyelash Curler

Glossier Boy Brow in Blonde and Kevin Aucoin Eyelash Curler

These are two items that I don't know how I lived prior to having them. Especially, I have to say, the Boy Brow. Ok Personally, I have yet to meet a Glossier product I didn't like. I read IntoTheGloss daily so it is safe to say I am a superfan. BUT. Everyone loves it! It is their #1 best selling product. Miranda Kerr uses it!!! If it's good enough for Miranda, it's good enough for me. I use the blonde, and it absolutely frames my face. I have gotten so many compliments when that is all I'm wearing. A little bit of coverup on the (much talked about) acne and the boybrow: golden. 

The Kevin Aucoin Eyelash Curler is something I also use daily, whether I am putting on mascara or not. It is great for my eye shape -- not even sure what shape my eyes are, but almond maybe? It always gives a long lasting and full curl, and better yet, it doesn't miss any of the lashes!!!! I used to use the Tarte Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler, and it was good, but it always seemed to leave some of the lashes on the side out. I have naturally straight, light colored, and short lashes (though I just ordered the Grande Lash serum because I have heard RAVE reviews) So the Kevin Aucoin one is something that I absolutely reach for daily to make my eyes open up a bit.

Morrocanoil Treatment 

Morrocanoil Treatment 

This is something that I have also been using daily! I only started using this about a month ago maybe, and I have used it on dry and wet ends and I am telling you my hair has never. felt. smoother. It really seals my ends and makes them soooo smooth. It honestly resembles a wavy blow out I swear to you. The scent is so good, it never feels greasy. I love it. I only have 2 little mini bottles that I have gotten at Sephora as samples, but once they run out I will ABSOLUTELY be repurchasing. Also, I feel like I should shout out another top contender, in the form of Ouai's Hair Oil. I love this stuff. It is $28 for the full bottle, which is great because it is pretty large for a hair oil and will last me a longgg time. The smell is, in a word: heavenly. It smells floral and beautiful and something I want to smell like every day. It is also very smoothing and makes my ends feel so nice, so definitely a big competitor. 

Last but not least: two products that I use daily and weekly. The Renee Rouleau Anti Cyst Treatment and her Rapid Response Detox Mask. I cannot say enough about the Anti Cyst treatment. It is the next best thing besides getting a cortisone shot. I love it. It has lactic acid and is non drying so it penetrates into the cyst as opposed to just drying out the top of it, which essentailly does nothing. Don't believe me, google it and read the reviews! Last but not least, the Detox Mask, which I use weekly to try and control the hormonal acne. Sometimes I will do the whole face, and sometimes I will only do the chin. It has an amazing jelly like consistency with honey and other anti inflamatory properties. It is anti bacterial and absolutely calms my face down. I love it. 

As always, let me know what your favorite products are! xx 

Taylor Delehanty