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What do you use every night to wind down?

I have several things that I need for my nighttime routine in order to really wind down and get the best night sleep possible: 

Actually lets start with my IDEAL situation: bath. Always bath. If I really need to wind down and force myself to go to sleep/am stressed/am sore from working out, etc. I loooove to take an epsom salt bath with Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt or one of Lush's bath bombs (my favorite is their lavender scented Twilight bath bomb for sleep inducing relaxation). I'll usually grab the book that I'm reading or listen to something on Audible or a podcast and just relax for like 20 minutes. Another thing I have been loving lately in the tub is This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak, it smells so good and is sooo relaxing. 

Usually though, I tend to be on the tired side on a week day and try and go to sleep around ten, and don't necessarily have time for a bath. In that case, I'll read my book for a little while (or scroll instagram :/), and spray some This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray on my game changing Night Pillow  -- seriously if you guys haven't heard of this, check it out! The price is steep but it has literally made my nights so much better and more relaxed; I fall alsleep so fast and it is sooo comfortable all night -- I never have to flip the pillow because of their cooling TriSilk pillowcase. 

Sometimes I will take a melatonin gummie (the Vitafusion ones are my favorite, but I try not to be dependent on them) or capsule if I feel like I need some extra help - maybe after a big weekend where my schedule is all messed up or I feel like I'll have trouble getting to sleep. Another great option is Whole Foods Restful Sleep capsules

Another thing I absolutely love to do is fill my Muji diffuser and put some lavender or eucalyptus essentail oils in there and set it for 2 hours. This will put me out in like 2 minutes. If I'm lucky I'll have had time to quickly take my contacts out, double cleanse with my Milky Jelly cleanser and Dermalocica Clearing Skin wash, tone with one of my several toners, put some sort of clearing treatment or a retinoid on my skin, some moisturizer and swipe my Grande Lash treatment across my lash lines in hopes that they will grow and get thicker.  

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