Life Update


You guys, we moved! We just bought a condo in Verona (like 5 minutes from both of our parents houses! :)) and we have been moving in for the last two and a half weeks or so. It is no where NEAR done yet, we are still waiting on shelves, entry table, etc. but we have the main things set up and have been living here for about a week now! It has been so much fun and so nice having our own place and getting to decorate and set it up together. 

I am super excited to start cooking healthy meals in our new (tiny!!) kitchen. Last night I had salmon with zoodles and O had salmon with tater tots! I meal prepped some egg muffins from the TIU plan (TIU superfan over here) in order to start the week off right. I definitely could have meal prepped more but I am starting off slowly. Currently in the middle of the January love your body TIU challenge, which is so awesome! I am completely obsesed with the Studio Tone it Up app, which just reached the top of the charts! It is so great for connecting with the girls, getting the new daily moves, and the daily fitness classes as well as the on demand section, which is great for whatever you're feeling day to day. I'm telling you I would recommend Tone It Up to anyone!! 

I have also been loving some of my favorite blogger's wellness challenges. My favorites are Grace's wellness challenge as well as Jess's! Seriously obsessed with both of these ladies and love following along with their Instagram stories for more behind the scenes action :) It's so nice to get motivation to keep it healthy in the new year from some of my favorite bloggers as well as all of the trainers in the Tone It Up Studio App!!! As an aside, one of my favorite parts about our new condo is that it is literally 3 blocks from my favorite park. It is so nice to be able to just walk right down and do my walk around the park listening to one of my books on audible (currently reading The Woman In The Window and it is SO good) or a podcast (My Favorite Murder is my absolute fave!). I seriously cannot get enough. 

As for beauty products, my skin has been a bit up in the air lately and I've had some acne on my lower chin and cheeks so I have been taking it easy and keeping it simple. Always using my Neutrogena Acne Wash    (side note - I think it is possible to order my entire life on Amazon....) and trying to pare down currently until my skin gets back into whack. I am definitely of the opinion that my skin is freaking out because of our move (new home, meal/excercise schedule off, general stress) and I am hoping to get back into my routine and that it evens out again. I also did just get my Glossier Solution and I am SO excited to try it. And @Glossier plz bring back the headbands!! I lost mine a while ago and I will never be the same. 

I am going to really make it my goal to post more regularly - as I search for my dream job :).

See below for some of the links I'm loving:

I said above that I am loving Grace's Wellness Challenge. Check out her latest checkin

I am OBSESSED with The Cut's new-ish branding. I also think their stories over the past 6 months have been spot on, as well as their social media coverage. I'm just loving it all. Awesome writing. One of the pieces I read lately. What a moron

Into The Gloss can *literally* do no wrong. This post on dupes is a lifesaver for the girl on a budget (i.e. me). 

If you're looking for your next book, check out Meg Biram's list, as well as Grace's reviews. They both write stellar book reviews!!

Bon Apetit's new site, Basically, is so cool for easy recipes and cooking tips. I really want to try making this soup, it looks like it does what it says it will! 

Be back soon!! xx

Views of my medicine cabinet (in progress) ft. Glossier Solution

Views of my medicine cabinet (in progress) ft. Glossier Solution

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