Working On Wellness: Supplements Edition


I have been interested in wellness for quite a while now. I follow various wellness bloggers, Instagram accounts, read different articles and find new trends/developments. I am extremely interested in self care, and it has become quite the trend in the last several years, and it's been fun to follow along.

One of the things I am interested are vitamins and supplements! Companies like Ritual and Care Of have taken this field by storm, and offer questionnaires that you fill out on their site and then they personalize a vitamin/supplement regimen for your personal needs. Some of my favorite bloggers have been praising the benefits of different supplements, vitamins and herbs that are great to incorporate into your routine.

Lo Bosworth, author of The LoDown, writes this piece on different herbs, which I loved. She is a wellness guru, in my opinion, and I also take turmeric daily! She also has this more personal piece and youtube video, in which she describes the current supplements she takes daily. Such a great resource.

I started getting into supplements as soon as I read Victoria McGinley's post on a skin condition with a rash, inflammation, and fatigue that lead her to start researching different supplements. She mentioned that she was taking a fish oil, a probiotic, borage oil, a phyto-ADR, AND was doing the Whole 30 diet, which is also all the rage right now! 

Now, as I have stated in pretty much every previous post, I have struggled with acne for many of my teenage years, and again starting in my twenties (I am 24 now). It is extremely frustrating to have to wear makeup everytime I leave the house, so needless to say I am always on a quest to find a solution, and even something to make it just a bit better! Bring on the supplements. While I will say that after reading this article I figured I had found the one miracle cure and that I would no longer have to do anything else to help my acne. WRONG. I knew better, but was very hopeful. I immediately purchased the borage oil, fish oil with high levels of EPA, a probiotic, as well as a multivitamin.

I'd say that these made some minor differences in my skin, but not much. (I also did not start doing Whole30, and I do still drink on the weekends, so I am sure that there are numerous other changes I would have to make to get completely clear skin!). This did, however, begin my deep interest in the supplement world, and I have not stopped taking them since! 

My regimen has evolved and will probably always will, but these are the current supplements I take, and the reasons I like them/take them:

Omega 3 fish oil -- This supplement is one of the most commonly taken, and is proven to be great for heart health as well as reduce anxiety, it supports your eye health (I wear glasses so this is important to me!) and reduces inflammation in the body. There are so many things daily that cause inflammation: stress, certain food groups, alcohol, etc. that I want to do everything possible to combat that!

Vitamin D3: This is also great for overall health, bone strength, mood and immune system booster, and my main concern-- helping with acne! It is essentially a hormone, and some sufferers of acne have said that increasing their vitamin d3 intake helped their acne quite a bit by balancing out their hormones! Since my acne is mainly hormonal (also dietary) I figured I would add this to the regimen.

Turmeric: this is an amazing anti inflammatory, and is great for so many reasons, including the fact that it is a strong antioxidant. Fights allll sorts of inflammation in the body, fights disease, lowers cholesterol, improves brain function, and helps with auto immune disorders. Since I have psoriasis, which usually flares up around my lips, it is really important to me to fight inflammation in my body, which (along with stress/diet) makes the psoriasis flare up much more frequently.

Probiotic : Probiotics, as many of us know, are great for your gut health. Your gut health relates to the rest of your body's health! Probiotics improve digestion, which is often an issue for me. They are great for your gut bacteria, and in turn great for the rest of your body. If the bacteria in the gut is not doing well, the effects show up in your health, your skin, your digestion, and even mood. 

I am always looking into different types of vitamins and supplements because I believe they are great for us! That's not to say that if you aren't taking any supplements you're doing it wrong, I just think every little bit can help :). 

Let me know what type of vitamins and supplements you guys like to take!!

xx Taylor 

Taylor Delehanty