(Not) Friday Favorites

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Listen, I am well aware that this blog post title is not original in the slightest, but it's Tuesday (this was supposed to be for Friday) and I'm going to mention some various things I have been liking A LOT lately, including new finds, things I have been doing and using and loving, etc.

Ok so this is somewhat random, but I recently found this blogger/vlogger Allana Davidson. Allanaramaa and @allanaramaa if you guys are as makeup and beauty obsessed as I am. I love her because she is funny, has great style (which she also posts about) and she has a similar hair and skin tone to me (despite being much clearer, etc.) so I can relate to the makeup products she uses, which is extra fun! Something about me is that I can watch Youtube makeup and hair tutorials for legitimately hours at a time. I LOVE when I discover someone new to me who is great. Others to mention: Jill Lansky of the August Diaries, Teni Panosian and Estee Lalonde.

NEXT- THE FUNNIEST podcast ever. If you are a Bravo fan it is a MUST listen: Two Judgey Girls. Courtney and Mary are two girls (maybe in their 30s?) who love Bravo literally as much as I do (which is a LOT) and they recap/talk/make fun of all of the current shows on Bravo. It is freaking hysterical and makes me actually laugh out loud. Cannot stress this enough. Even their gd Instagram makes me laugh out loud. 

You guyssss. You know I am a TIU (Tone it Up) girl. Or maybe you don't because you just happened upon this blog somehow, IDK. But, I've been wanting to break things up a bit and try some new things. Madeline Moves is an Instagram fitness blogger, trainer, macro coach, etc. She is so sweet and has great workouts, so I have started trying some of hers. 

This isn't anything new, but someone who I've been loving lately on Instagram and her blog, Fashion Jackson is Amy Jackson. She has THE BEST style I am obsessed. She is always super simple and chic but manages to always be so stylish.

File this mask under 1. Wildly popular and hyped. 2. Something I need to try. 

Ok I've come back to this several times and edited it so it's time to post and get it out of my drafts.

xx Taylor

Taylor Delehanty