How I Like To Turn A Bad Day or a Bad Mood Around



1. Get myself outside. This one is almost foolproof. If I am having a bad day or I’m in a bad mood, I like to put on my sneakers and go to the park to take a walk to get out of my own head. There’s something about the fresh air outside of my apartment and the moving of my feet one in front of the other that’s calming and instantly makes me feel better.

2. Listen to my favorite music. Now this one can change depending on the mood. Often times it is Itunes top charts or Pandora and Spotify’s “Today’s Hits” playlists. Sometimes it’s my current favorite rap song and other times it‘s John Mayer or something country. Usually almost immediately listening to good music can change your mood.

3. Look at or read something that inspires me! I really love this one. Now I would say Instagram but this is not a fail safe, as sometimes this can lead me down a black hole of the "not enough" syndrome. Not fit/pretty/working hard/busy etc. - enough. That usually means that I've been looking at it for too long and need to use one of my other strategies. More often than not though, Instagram is where I find SO much inspiration, information and community that lifts me up and leads me to new things, whether it be a great book, a cute outfit, a recipe or a cool new workout. I'll also turn to some of my favorite blogs for some inspiration. On that topic, another thing that I PROMISE YOU will induce happy feelings, is A Cup of Jo. Click on almost any of her posts and it will make you feel good. She and her team are beautiful writers that touch on a range of topics. The next thing to do is go down to the comments section, in which she has created a community of readers who never fail to offer insight and wonderful commentary on everything from makeup to marriage.

4. In the same vein as "getting myself outside" is Working Out. This one is an oldie but a goodie and not something I usually want to do when I'm not feeling my best or just in a slump, but #science has PROVEN that it will put you in a good mood. All because of this thing called "endorphins" which are released when you move and sweat. I usually turn to a quick Madeline Moves or Tone It Up workout or even something from my Fitness Pinterest Board! It doesn't have to be long, but something to get myself moving will alwayssssss brighten my mood.

5. Listen to one of my favorite podcasts while on aforementioned walk or in the tub. Usually My Favorite Murder or 48 Hours, but lately Forever 35 or Lady Lovin. Listening to Karen and Georgia talk about murders and true crime (my favorite genre/topic) is so relaxing and funny - weird I know - but also listening to Dorree and Kate talk about self care and the Lady Lovin girls give advice are a few of my favorite pastimes.

6. This may be a personal choice, but a manicure and pedicure also ALWAYS work. For me, there is nothing about getting my toes massaged buffed and polished to make me feel my best. My sisters and I always say, "everything looks better when your nails are done". It is TRUE ladies. Add on some self tanner and tell me your not feeling better already. I'll wait.

7.  Texting my aforementioned sisters. Tagging each other in memes, texting about said memes, texting about funny things that have happened, gossiping, you name it! I text them every single day and they always, without fail, know how to put me in a better mood, no matter whether they know they're doing so or not.

8. When all else fails. Go to Sephora. Trust.


Taylor Delehanty