Spring Makeup

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I am seriously excited about all aspects of spring: the good weather, the lighter clothing, lighter skin care and lighter makeup!

So many makeup launches for spring as well as some of my tried and true favorites are some that I am excited to transition to in the coming months.

This was one of the biggest launches (IMO) in the last couple months, as are all of Glossier's new releases. I don't have them yet, but I am suuuuper excited to try because I have heard such great things.

Ok I've mentioned this one before, and it's not exactly makeup but I'm telling you this has gotten RAVE reviews and sounds so nice, especially in the coming warmer months when our skin might need some relief. 

This color looks perfect for spring - kind of like my all time favorite Clam Bake, which isn't widely available. How great would this look with a tan?!

These new Nars Highlighters are so gorgeous, and I love the shade range. 

Honestly I love almost everything that Bare Minerals makes, and they make one of my absolute favorite foundations. These concealer sticks look nothing less than great. 

Ok so this one isn't necessarilly new, but it's new to me. My sister just started using it and I've heard one of my favorite bloggers review it before, and both said it is so great. Need to try.


Taylor Delehanty