New Beauty Buys


New Beauty Buys!

You guys I have been just been in a shopping frenzy lately because of spring! I want allll the spring beauty and allllll the spring clothes/shoes and accessories! I still need to do a spring clothing haul but I did scoop up a few new beauty items recently that I've been super excited to try out and report back on.

First one up was the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness neutralizing correcting cream. So this one isn't obviously a new item, but it was new to me, and I heard about it via Jess's Instagram story! Side note, if you don't follow Jess, you need to. She is hysterical, has amazing style, great beauty tips, loves Trader Joes! I mean what more could you want in a lifestyle blogger?! I digress - I'm excited to try this one because I have naturally red undertones and around my nose/mouth area I tend to have redness so I am suuuuper excited to try this one out. I got the "Transforming Porcelain Beige".

I also picked up a couple of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments! I have had the neutral sort of "chapstick" one, and I loooove me a creamy sheer-ish lip color for spring/summer that is still going to provide me with some moisture. #lipsarealwaysdry. Enter: these. I really like how they are a sheer wash of color but not just nothing. Love already.

Ok this is one of my favorite things I picked up - Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Singles. If you buy 4 of them at Sephora they come in a little palette that you can build yourself. There are so many great colors! V ideal. I love eyeshadow palettes but they often come with shades I don't need or use. Blue eyeshadow? No thank you. SO - I chose Penny Metal, Suede, Brick, and Fresh. I need more of these. Personalized Palettes - YES. 

I love instant gratification. This Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel promises me that. When you rub it on your face you *see* the dead skin coming right off. Color me interested. So I picked this up and admittedly I have yet to use it bc I have been using (and absolutely LOVING) my Tan Luxe Face Drops - cannot recommend enough - so I don't necessarily want to peel my skin off right now? But, when the time comes and I am sure it will be sooner rather than later, I will let you know how it goes. 

I also picked this baby up. I needed a mattifying primer that was going to help with redness and be good under summer makeup. Hopefully this does the trick. Bonus points for being anti acneic! 

Last but not least, I was color matched for Bare Minerals' new foundation - BarePRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation. One of my favorite things is getting my makeup done by Sephora technicians. I LOVE IT. Getting color matched is so great because you get your shade, you have your makeup done, and you get the wonderful experience of getting your makeup done, albeit sometimes standing in a brightly lit Sephora in front of multiple strangers. I also grabbed their new concealer, and it looks really creamy and markets itself to last 16 hours! Fair light neutral 03 in the concealer and Sateen 05 in the foundation :) 

Still waiting to try Tatcha's new primer, but alas it was sold out, which I knew it would be. 

What have you guys tried/loved lately and what are you hoping to?!

xx Taylor 


Taylor Delehanty