Do you guys switch your foundation for the spring and summer? Since I am a self pronounced beauty junkie, I tend to always want to try the newest product. I am always trying out new products, and that includes foundation. In this case I do tend to want to go lighter during the summer because honestly I am sweatier and my skin is already on the *very* oily side. As in, need Glossier Wowder or some oil blotters with me all the gd time. 

Usually I tend to go heavier in the winter, like most people, but if I do get a bad breakout in the warmer months I am not afraid of going with a more full coverage formula. I also like to get a tan in the summer, which adds yet another dimension to the whole foundation choice thing - do you get multiple shades in your favorite foundations?! Help a girl out! 



Full coverage foundations I love: 

Giorgio Armani Beauty Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation SPF 25 - I was shade matched a couple of months ago and I wear shade 3.5. This one is such a great formula - it is definitely full coverage but doesn't look cakey and wears extreeeeemely well. 

Bare Minerals BarePRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 - I loved this one because it feels like you can still see skin through the coverage. I'd say it is in between the matte/dewy range. 

Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation - I really like this one too, although the only thing is it is in a SUPER light color (my fault for I guess going in the dead of winter?!) so I definitely have to get another, darker color to mix with it. This one is one of the more full coverage formulas that I have tried, so it's great if you are going out at night and you'll be taking pictures or you'll need to wear it for a long time. I wear the color Ivory.

Lighter Foundations I love:

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer - This is one of my RIDE OR DIE makeup products. Not just foundation products. I have repurchased this at least like 4 times so far. It is the best formula and literally makes my skin look so much better when it's on. It is a light to medium coverage so it might not be the absolute best for covering up larger pimples, etc. but all you need is the addition of a little concealer. Seriously I wear this almost every day and night in the warmer months. I have both Vanilla 02 and Buttercream 03, which I wear when I get a bit of color on my face. 

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation - This one is a light to medium coverage formula as well, sometimes I even mix it with the Bare Minerals one. I actually want to try the tinted moisturizer as well, but this is a great formula that still covers spots but doesn't feel heavy on the skin.

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint - this is a literally *barely there* skin tint. That is really the best way to refer to it because it doesn't necessarily give you coverage, but it absolutely evens you out. You can use it as sort of a base or you can use it in the summer (or winter if you are so lucky) if you want to even out your color or tone and don't need all of the full coverage!  

Any good ones you've tried and loved lately? Let me know!

xx Taylor

Taylor Delehanty