Signature Scent

You guys - I love when someone has a signature scent. One of my mom's best friends, and one of our oldest family friends, always wears Chanel Chance, which is where I think I got this idea. I just love the idea of thinking of someone or something when you wear a certain scent. 

Fragrance is obviously very powerful thing. It really can invoke so many different feelings and I think it is one of the most powerful beauty tools that a woman (or any person) can use. My mom has always been the type of person that has sooo many different perfumes and wears different ones for different things. She doesn't really discriminate either, although that is with everything - she will wear high end and low end - I love that about her. She simply wears what she likes no matter what the price is. 

I was thinking about fragrance and the idea of fragrances making me think of different people and things as well as what my favorite fragrances have been over the years. I have loved Calvin Klein One for a long time. That one started back when I was in maybe 7th grade? 

I really think after that is when I really learned what my mom's friend Leslie always wore - Chanel Chance. It makes me feel happy and clean and fresh and I love to wear it. 

I also love Victoria's Secret Bombshell, which one of my friends wore on a weekend ski trip and she smelled (and always smells for that matter) SO GOOD. I immediately 

As of late I have been absolutely loving, non stop wearing Glossier You. Certainly I'm not the only one, which you'll know if you've been on Instagram in the past second. Millennial women lovvvve Glossier You, and all of Glossier for that matter (as do I). It smells sort of musky but floral maybe and super soft, and apparently it smells differently on every individual. I just love it. 

So let me know - do you wear a signature scent or do you switch it up? Any great recommendations?

xx Taylor


Taylor Delehanty